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Tell Us What You Think about Envision Cambridge’s Draft Goals

Envision Cambridge has launched a new engagement tool to collect public feedback on draft goals related to:

  • Housing
  • Economy
  • Mobility
  • Climate & Environment

Your feedback will help shape the future

The draft goals were proposed by the Envision Cambridge working groups, and the feedback will help refine the goals and shape the City’s future policies and programs.

Graph for WebsiteCommunity members can log onto the website and indicate the priority level of each draft goal. They can also leave comments related to the goal and engage with other users.

Reaching all segments of our community

Envision Cambridge hosts regular public meetings, street team activities, urban planning walking tours, and youth workshops.

The online engagement tool provides an opportunity for individuals less comfortable with spoken language or individuals with limited schedules – including parents with young children and millennials, who constitute 48% of the city’s population but do not often attend public meetings – to engage in the citywide planning process.

Community engagement tools

This is the latest community engagement tool implemented by Envision Cambridge. In 2016, the Envision Cambridge team displayed the Mobile Engagement Station, a 3-D model of Cambridge, at locations throughout the city. Community members marked their favorite and least favorite parts of the city and areas of desired change. Data collected from this initiative is now available digitally as the Digital Engagement Viewer.

Now, Envision Cambridge needs the community’s insight on housing, economy, mobility, and climate & environment draft goals to achieve a more livable, sustainable, and equitable Cambridge.

Visit and create an account by entering your email address. The public comment period will be open until Friday, November 10, 2017.

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