Compost Pick is Coming to Cambridge

Curbside Compost: There’s a New Bin in Town

Beginning on April 2, 2018, the City of Cambridge is expanding its successful and popular curbside composting program citywide. 

Household Composting BinEligible households in Cambridge will receive a postcard with more information by March 23, and free bins and bags, along with instructions, will be distributed in March & April.

The City has committed to expanding the current curbside compost program to all residential buildings with 1 to 12 units. This will increase the program from 5,200 households to 25,000 households (8,100 buildings).

Meeting our Goals

In 2009, Cambridge set a goal of reducing trash 30% by 2020 and 80% by 2050. To date, we have reduced trash by 23% by increasing recycling and through curbside, backyard, school and drop-off composting. With curbside compost, we expect to achieve our goal by 2019.

What can be Composted?

  • All food scraps including meat and dairy
  • Compostable paper including napkins and paper towels
  • Cut flowers

Benefits of Composting

  • Reduce climate change impact: Methane, a greenhouse gas 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide, will be captured and used to produce clean energy.
  • Grow more food: Byproduct from the composting process will be used to make nutrient-rich fertilizer for New England farmers.
  • Manage rodents: Rodent-resistant curbside bins will help keep rodents out.

Composting by the Numbers

Want More Information?

For news, announcements and open house dates for the Curbside Compost Program roll-out, visit CambridgeMA.Gov/Compost or email us at: Recycle@CambridgeMA.Gov.




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