New Street Trees Stickers

Over the next few weeks, forestry crews will begin planting new street trees in designated areas around the City. Ahead of this work, stickers were placed on the sidewalk indicating new locations that would be suitable for a tree.
There has been an issue with some stickers being removed by residents who may not understand the purpose of them. It is vital to City staff that the stickers remain in the original place where the tree was intended to be planted. If they are removed, staff will not know which spots to place the trees in.

The stickers look like the image below:

Residents are encouraged to contact DPW Forestry Department at 617-349-4885/ if they see a sticker in a location where they do not want a tree. Removing a sticker from the sidewalk does not eliminate the location from the planting list.

Request a Planting

To request a tree planting, call the Forestry Division directly at 617.349.4885 or send an email to If a tree was removed from an existing well and you would like a replacement, there is no expense to you. Leave your name, address, and phone number and you will be contacted about the replacement.

If you wish to have a tree planted where no tree well currently exists, you have a couple of options. The City will come and inspect the area you wanted planted and determine if it is suitable for installing a tree well or if not, you have the option of a Back of Sidewalk planting.

The City has also adopted a new program aimed at helping beautify the community and providing a lasting means for remembering a loved one or an important event. The cost of  Commemorative Tree is $200 and includes a 2-3 inch caliper tree.

For more information view the Department of Public Works Tree Planting Programs webpage.

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